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Leave In Beard Conditioner

The LAST Beard product you'll ever need. We have yet to hear of a user who doesn't LOVE this stuff! Our all natural, leave in beard conditioner, with organic shea butter, aloe, and natural alpha-hydroxy acids gives coarse, dry, and brittle beard hair a sleek, healthy shine. Keeps the stray hairs in line while softening, smoothing, and conditioning facial hair. It tends to be Very popular with the "significant other" in the bearded man's life.  Net Wt. 4 oz.


"Thanks Dr. Silkman's. This stuff is amazing. I'm going to let him keep the beard!" –Carol J, Arizona

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Gregory Maglio
Smooth and silky for years

Have been using this cream since 2014 to keep my beard silky smooth.

David Black
Soft Beard and Skin Relief

I have been using Dr. Silkman's Leave in Beard Conditioner for years. I have even gifted other bearded men with this conditioner. I truly like the way it keeps my beard soft and manageable,but most of all I like the way it keeps my skin under my beard from drying out and flaking. A great product and I will be a customer for life.

Chad Gordon
Softest Beard ever

I tried this amazing conditioner while I was in NY last fall, immediately bought some and figured I'd give it a try at home. It's been the best product I've ever used and have pre-ordered some more. I'm still using my original container of it so it really lasts too!

David Baker
Love from Albuquerque, New Mexico

My girlfriend went on a trip to NY with her friends and stumbled into your store while walking around and talked to someone in there and told them I was growing my beard and you sold her the leave in beard conditioner. I have bought it ever since and love it! I have finally got my cousin to order some recently.

John Mandato
Love for the beard

Found this product at a street fair in Union Square. The salesman was extremely helpful and I liked the smell so I threw caution to the wind and bought a canister. I never looked back. This balm is easy to apply and keeps my beard tame and soft. Highly recommend.
Great customer service too