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All Natural Soap - Set of Three

Discover the pleasure of our 5 oz. organic olive oil-based soap bars. Infused with rich, nourishing shea butter, these generous bars promise a refreshing cleanse like never before! We recommend using the bar in its muslin bag—like a built-in sudsy washcloth.

Available in a variety of scents, check out all the current offerings in the list above.

Well hot damn that’s some good soap!” Dennis F.,  North Carolina

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Great job Dr Silkman & Team.
Love my order, and will definitely be a customer for life! Your products work so well.


Great soap. High quality and will likely continue to buy.

Sherri K
Soaps three pack set

Wonderful soaps. Give the, away to my volunteers at our golf charity event to use at home. They are so fragrant and make your bathroom smell like the scent when you leave them in the Muslim bag while they’re drying out after use. They last a long time too. Third consecutive year purchase and will continue. Wish they had a rewards program.

Betsy Blechman
The best soaps!

I love these soaps. I have been using them for years now. Many reorders. Delivery is always easy and quick.
The price is fair for quality soaps. Highly recommend

Thomas Deveney
epic soaps

best soap ever, lasts forever. I am a soap fanatic and this 3 pack wont dissapoint. saw these for sale at bryant park, now I have converted. ditch your harmful, wasteful, uncool sludge and pick this product up now!


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